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An innovative company specializing in the production of electrical equipment to facilitate everyday activities.

Our goal is to use the latest technology and be at the forefront of development.

We are a young team of experts who use their experience and passion to create products they believe in and which can stand up on the world market.


Our product range is gradually expanding and we want to help people all over the world.

Mátl a bula

Our partners

DRUDLES is proud of Czech quality and shows that the Czech Republic is still keeping up with the latest technologies.


The name DRUDLES was created as a combination of the words "DRUDGE" (hard worker) and "Less". It is meant to symbolize our mission to make work effortless. The name also refers to our first product - the DRUDLES PROFI electric iron.

The company was founded in 2022, and already in the same year we managed to launch a prototype of the "DRUDLES PROFI Electric hand truck" on the market and sell 40 pieces in cooperation with the Czech dealer of handling equipment Mátl a Bula s.r.o.

A new product, an electric wheel HOBBY, our portfolio is expanding from February 2023.


"Electronic Knife Table" was supported by Pardubický funds regions from the sub-programme Support for the development of regional business activity and the implementation of innovations in practice – Start-up vouchers.

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