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With our electric barrow you get a reliable and powerful helper for handling heavy loads. Make your work easier and gain more time and energy.


Our electric barrow makes handling heavy loads up and down hills much easier. 

The battery of our barrow can withstand a full day of work in the garden and recharging takes only 4 hours. If you buy a quick charger, it can even charge in just 2 hours. And the best part is that the battery can be easily removed from the barrow and taken away for charging.

Choose the body according to your preferences

We offer a plastic body with a load capacity of up to 140 kg, or a metal body a load capacity of up to 180 kg. Regardless of your needs, our wheel can do ithandle even the heaviest loads with ease.


Innovative sensor 

Thanks to the location in the handle, you don't have to think at all about adjusting the speed of the wheel. The wheel automatically adapts to your needs and moves as fast as needed. In addition, it can brake without problems when driving downhill. The maximum speed that the wheel can reach is up to 10 km/h.

The advantage of recovery

Our barrow also uses energy recovery when riding downhill. This means it can recover energy and put it back into the battery. This extends the range and increases the efficiency of use.


Technical parameters

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